Export Counselling Services

Tuma Food Trade Ltd. Company makes use of its experience by providing benefit to the companies by offering them to expand their market share. Our export counselling service is mainly composed of steps for market and company survey. At this step, the importer and distributer companies are identified in the markets where the possibility to sell our products is repectively high. While establishing the first contact with the companies, various effective methods are use, and depending on the budget that the company will allocate, online and conventional promotional methods will be adopted. The list of companies that are seriously interested in importing our products is composed and comprehensive negotiations are carried out about how to meet special demands (if any) of these listed companies:

Main services that we provide within the framework of export counselling are as follows:

  • Market survey,
  • Identifying potential customers,
  • Registration on the sectoral websites,
  • Preparing an export plan,
  • Identifying the fairs that your company can attend and evaluating the incentives,
  • Examining the available promotional and offer letters, completing any lacking item (if any) and re-composing,
  • Answering the questions received about the products in the foreign language,
  • Presenting the sale offers to the relevant companies,
  • Finalizing the processes such as payment and transport during the export of the product,
  • Providing various solutions about storage and finance,
  • Examining and evaluating the commercial  letter of credit in case of any process about it.